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Home Automation means different things to different people.

We at Smart Integration take it upon ourselves to educate our clients on the possibilities that are available as well as finding out their specific requirements.

We generally find that we cater to the following client needs: safety, comfort and convenience. We aim at satisfying these requirements by getting many systems in the house communicating together and acting as one convenient system over a single convenient interface.

The systems we generally interface to are lighting control systems, Security, Surveillance, Audio/Visual Control, Climate Control and energy efficiency. These can be automated, monitored and controlled via easy user interfaces including Smart Phones, iPad’s, touch screens and internal Sensors.


Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) cameras are a way to see possible danger without having to physically be there.

The Cameras can be viewed by multiple interfaces including Touch Screens within the house as well as Tablets remotely when you are not at the premises. Due to the fact of it being an Integrated System we are also able to make the CCTV screens change to the relevant camera if security beams are triggered or if the Intercom is pressed.

We are able to monitor the following

  • The Pool & Nursery
  • The Front Gate or Front Door
  • All around the house after dark (Infra-Red Illumination)
  • Integrate your early warning system to automatically trigger cameras to show you the area (i.e. lie in your bed and watch the area triggered)
  • All integrated together

We are also able to offer commercial CCTV options for your business.


We know in today’s environment security is a major priority with the crime statistics the way they are and your Security and that of your loved ones is of the highest priority to us.

We will custom design an integrated system to meet your specific needs. Our highly skilled staff have been screened thus ensuring the confidentiality of your security system. We have done work at Government level including the presidential residence as well as Government Officials in DRC and Mozambique.

Our security system may be fully integrated into your Home Automation System which gives you that added safety as well as convenience. Due to the fact that you are able to remotely monitor and control your alarm you would be able to receive alerts as well as Arm/Disarm the alarm if required while away. Our system is designed to be user friendly and there can be many single button control options customized to your specific needs.

We specialise in the following areas:

  • Early Warning Detection Systems (We can detect intruders early to give you time to react)
  • Video Surveillance on touch screens (see Surveillance Page)
  • Outdoor and Indoor Perimeter Protection
  • Middle Area Protection
  • Boundary Protection

We are also able to offer commercial security options for your business.


Home Automation in today’s environment truly integrates all the homes services.

Home Automation in today’s environment truly integrates all the homes services. We are able to integrate the audio visual aspect of home automation as well. We currently focus on offering distributed audio throughout the home as well as being able to distribute SD or HD video throughout the home. You would be able to trigger a scene via your touch screen, remote or IPad. This scene could for example close the curtains, dim the lights and turn the Television on. This is what is meant by an integrated system.

We are also able to integrate these systems seamlessly with your home automation controller allowing the following configurations:-

  • Share music located in one room with other rooms
  • Your teenager can plug in their iPod in their room and listen to their music there or in any other zones in the house
  • Adjust the volume and source in any zone from your automation touchscreens
  • Video distribution to zones around the home.


Our lighting control option allows for advanced control of all your lighting circuits.

 Our lighting control option allows for advanced control of all your lighting circuits. You would be able to trigger various scenes (Combinations of lighting circuits) by either Schedules, Scenes or input devices. These devices may include Light level sensors, motion sensors, Touch Screens and wireless access eg. Smart Phones or tablets and this may be locally from site or remotely from another continent. The fantastic part of a system that is integrated with your security system is that we are able to use the same Infra-red Sensors with both security and lighting control. Once the PIR Sensor is triggered depending on the time of night we would be able to turn the lighting circuit onto a pre-set dimmable level.

Typically you would have a few pre-set modes or scenes for the home. These may include Party, Romantic Evening, Cinema, Bed Time or morning. Every light that is on the system may be triggered individually or in combination with other lights at various levels. The beauty about the integration is that the lighting can be triggered from various applications including touch screens and IPads and can be combined with Audio/Video, water features, curtains etc. which is true integration.

Security Lights can be scheduled by sunrise/sunset, motion, or triggered event. An event may include the alarm being triggered in which case the siren may trigger as well as all lights in the house coming on. Another scenario is when your alarm is set to vacation mode, lighting will still turn on and off randomly to “fool” would be intruders as well as the lighting coming on at a lower level to reduce energy consumption.

Energy and cost saving by pre-set maximum light levels and using dimmers with soft start / stop will greatly extend lamp life.


We offer cost effective solutions designed specifically to your needs. We like to reduce clutter on the wall and try get as many home sub-systems running together as possible.

We are able to get a combined Intercom, PA system and PABX running together. The benefit of this is that when some is at the gate and presses the Intercom it rings throughout the house on all the telephones and you would be able to answer and open the gate from anyone of the telephones in the house. You would also have the standard functionality of a PABX to transfer calls within the house and be able to page through the Multi-Room audio system throughout the house.

Multilevel, Multi Dwelling, Granny Flats or larger Dwellings may require a PABX system with inter-room & Gate communication. We will tailor a solution to fit your needs and pocket.

  • Basic Intercom Systems
  • Camera Intercom Systems
  • Basic PABX with limited features
  • Advanced PABX systems

We are also able to offer commercial PABX / PBX options for your business.


Home networks are wired and wireless networks configured within the house.

With all other sub-systems becoming IP based (Networkable), most other devices are able to communicate through the home network and give the user local and remote control. With the advent of data in the home (movies, photos and music) we need to be able to stream these types of data throughout the home safely and securely.

On another level we are required to network our alarm, CCTV, Lighting system and PABX. The home network is essential for these services to work seamlessly. Now days there may be a requirement to work from home, with the home network we are also able to connect laptops, personal computers and printers over the network to share data and services. Advancement in technologies are smart fridges, ovens, microwaves etc. So we provision for all eventualities.


With the cost of electricity constantly increasing and the need to save our planet, energy efficiency has become so important not just from a cost perspective but from a social responsibility issue. We focus on saving energy thereby addressing both of the above issues.

Managing energy is easy with a home control system. With the correct customization the system will know when to turn lighting off, Geysers and pumps off when they are not needed. This can be done by schedules, Sensors and manual switching. We like to make sure all this happens automatically without any user intervention.

One of the ways we do this automatically with the touch of a button is when you leave for vacation. You would select vacation mode and your house would automatically shed loads to save both energy and money.

We can also program the home to shed loads at specific times according to Eskom’s tariff rates and we would turn off geysers, pool pumps and certain lighting levels during these periods.

We are also qualified to install Generator and UPS systems for backup power in the home.

We use the following to save energy:

  • Communication Thermostats
  • Programmable Energy Saving Modules (PESM)
  • Customised Load Shedding
  • UPS to hold power on certain loads while generator starts
  • All integrated together

We are also able to offer energy management options for your business.


We would suggest connecting the irrigation into the Home Control System. There are already schedules available to set the irrigation times.

This would add a level of convenience and practicality. The convenience is being able to change irrigation schedules local and remotely without being in the garden. This level of control adds a lot of convenience. The practical side is being able to program the irrigation not to trigger if the home is in “Party Mode”. We would also be able to trigger the irrigation if the alarm is set off to discourage the criminals.



If you are installing automated curtains or blinds, why not integrate them into the Home Control system.

This would enable them to work together with programming and logic. We could get the curtains/blinds to open and shut automatically when the home is in vacation mode. Also there would be a one button control to open or close all blinds simultaneously.




Automate your environment with Smart Integration today for better operations tomorrow.