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We provide the copper and fibre optic cabling for connecting voice and data across the LAN and WAN, and conduct comprehensive testing and CAD documentation services.

Our in-house designers are certified RCDDs whose experience spans both vertical and horizontal connectivity projects, including a wide variety of industry and commercial network cabling applications, as well as all aspects of network technologies and LAN solutions such as CAT 5e, CAT 6(a) and fibre optic network design.

Cabling considerations:

  • Cross talk
  • Bandwidth
  • Cable conformance
  • Transmission error rates
  • Fire prevention
  • Cable management
  • Wayleave agreements and permits

Whether upgrading current cabling networks, relocating offices or updating facilities, Smart Integration has the experience and capabilities to provide your IT staff accurate scope of work, bid drawings and RFP documents that will eliminate costly change orders as the project unfolds.

Automate your environment with Smart Integration today for better operations tomorrow.