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We know in today’s environment security is a major priority with the crime statistics the way they are and your Security and that of your loved ones is of the highest priority to us.

A CCTV surveillance system deters, monitors and records activities within the premises that may include theft, intrusion and harm to persons. The system is able to raise early alerts to enable the correct response. Footage can be used in criminal cases that result from these activities and can be used to identify the perpetrators. Again we are able to integrate the CCTV with the security and access control system if required. We are also able to utilize analytics to enhance incidents and reduce false alarms. We are able to offer solutions in many different applications, including Hospitals, Schools, Public Spaces, Commercial and Retails parks to name a few. Our solutions offered can be monitored locally or remotely at any time of the day or night.


Access Control solutions include the management and control of movement of persons throughout the property

This solution includes protection of the people, property and productivity of the company. We design integrated solutions with the intrusion detection system as well as the CCTV Surveillance system to ensure the correct solution is provided for the client.


Intrusion systems are designed to keep persons and property safe

Intrusion systems are designed to keep persons and property safe both when occupied and when the premises is empty. We use the most sophisticated hardware and are able to monitor this hardware locally and remotely. Again we are able to integrate if required to other subsystems.


Commercial Lighting Control to minimise your Commercial Carbon Footprint

With today’s energy crisis we offer commercial lighting control with the aim of monitoring, controlling and minimizing usage to reduce the carbon footprint as well as the energy expenditure. We are also able to remotely monitor usage of the lighting system and offer reporting functionality to the facility manager.


Structured cabling provides the critical backbone to all our subsystems.

Structured cabling provides the critical backbone to all our subsystems. CCTV, Access Control, Lighting Control, Telephone and Alarm are all IP based systems that need to run on a stable cabled backbone which may include fibre or copper. We offer fully certified cabling installations.


Electronic equipment is very susceptible to power failures, fluctuations and surges.

To prolong the life of your investment we offer a full range of best of breed UPS’. Whether it is to prevent surges or keep critical equipment up during a power failures we have the best solution for you.


Automate your environment with Smart Integration today for better operations tomorrow.