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This was a 20000 square meter building. We consulted on the following sections. Building Management System, CCTV, Access Control, Boardroom Automation and Data Point installation. Worley Parsons is an international company with International regulations so security was critical. We needed to make sure the building was secure yet functional.


We installed a controlled lighting solution for energy efficiency. This was a networked solution that included Dimming, motion sensors and LED’s. The building was controlled by means of automated schedules, scenes and logic. Manual control was done by means of switches and touch screens. We installed an alarm for security as well as access control into the building. Lastly the boardrooms were automated which included projectors, projector lifts, lighting and blind control.

This was an advertising building where security was of the utmost importance. We installed a fully integrated security and automation system. Our automation system maintained energy efficiency as well as added convenience for the user. We also integrated the security system so there was one interface that controlled lighting and security. We also incorporated access control within the building.

Our company partnered with Cloud Professional Services to consult on the St Helena Airport project for Basil Read. We addressed the following solutions. IT Infrastructure including Fibre optic connections, CCTV, DALI energy efficient lighting solutions, Alarm, Building management system and Fire Monitoring system. We are still at the installation stage of this project.

This residence was true integrated automation. The following features were integrated. Lighting, geysers, garage doors, water features, CCTV, alarm, outdoor beams, audio and a centralised Air Conditioning System. All the above functionality could be controlled though a phone app locally and from a remote location.


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